tirsdag 31. mai 2011

OFF TOPIC: Clint Eastwood 81 years old

Clint Eastwood celebrates his 81st birthday today, May 31st. This year also sees the legendary Dirty Harry movie become 40 years old.

This is how much of an impact Clint Eastwood have had:

Example 1
Gorillaz' songs 'Dirty Harry' and 'Clint Eastwood'
Though the songs are entitled as they are, the lyrics doesn't mention anything directly for Eastwood or Dirty Harry, though the harmonica end of the 'Clint Eastwood' song is influenced by Ennio Morricone's music for 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly'.

Example 2
The Simpsons
The Simpsons family have ocassionally been watching a show about "McGarnagle" or "McGarnicle", a policeman with his own rules. It must be said that I think Groening is indirectly referring to Dirty Harry when seeing the squinty eyes and the whispery voice:

Example 3
The Simpsons
Clint Eastwood can also be seen alongside Lee Marvin in a parody turned up side down on the movie "Paint your wagon". Strangely enough, the scene starts with Eastwood confronting Lee Van Cleef, who's known from the Sergio Leone-westerns and have NOT played in Paint Your Wagon:

Example 4
Jim Carrey
One of Jim Carreys first parts in a major movie was actually given by Clint Eastwood in The Dead Pool. Jim Carrey himself is a big fan of Eastwood and have imitated him several times, which can be seen here:

Example 5
Red Dead Redemption
Of course, this game is based on the times of train robberies and when men drank at classic western saloons. It would be stupid if there were not at least one reference to Clint Eastwood or the movies of Sergio Leone!

søndag 29. mai 2011

Exam final result: Knut Nærum and Clint Eastwood

I'm not quite satisfied as I ended up with limited time (I'm always waiting with stuff until right before the end), and I had a lot more to do with the Eastwood one, but had to let that go.

So, after a sleepless night (literally), working on this, I'm finished with this year of school. I finally have more time to do things I want to do.

Let me know what you think about these ones, please!

tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Martin Skrtel

Just an old sketch. Now as the Premier League season is over, only Leighton Baines and Martin Skrtel played every 90 minutes of every game throughout the season. Now, that's impressive!

fredag 13. mai 2011

Exam project: Clint Eastwood

Sorry about the very small rant about US government and conspiracies - I for one do believe in few of the conspiracies out there (the one on Kennedy, for instance) and wanted to express my skeptical thoughts on the news on bin Laden. Sorry, I didn't mean to upset anyone or start a discussion.

Anyway, as usual I have very little to report, so I'll just drop by with a small sketch of Clint Eastwood:
Have a nice weekend!

mandag 2. mai 2011

Roger Daltrey + news

In lack of time, I've only got an old portrait to post. This is of Roger Daltrey, singer from The Who. Too bad I drew him outside the format, I may want to have another go sometime in the future.

In other news: News.
1) Norway beats Sweden in hockey after penalties, and was leading 2-0 against USA until the USA took the lead 2-3 just now. Shame, but fun.

2) Sami Hyypia (ex-Liverpool player) is unfortunately quitting football. Quite a shame for such a good player, but he is after all 37 years old.

3) My exam in art history went "neeeh..." - could be better, could be worse.

4) Osama Bin Laden has apparently been shot and killed by american troops, but I have yet to believe anything because the american government have been controversial for fake explainations and whatnot before. Reports says that the troops have been dumping the body in the sea, without showing any proofs of Osama being dead, nor them killing him. For what we know, he could have been dead for the past five or seven years, or he could still be alive.

I'll promise more art in the future... hopely so.