mandag 22. oktober 2012

Lance Armstrong

The truth has arrived. A huge shame to the cycling sport, Armstrong himself and to the cancer charity, though he did make lots of money for it.

Alain Prost

My take on the four time Formula 1 World Champion.
For further associations, I've added the shape of the Marlboro logo which sponsored his and Senna's McLaren cars during their legendary feud of the late 1980's.

I'm not quite satisfied, maybe because I've looked myself blind on this drawing in particular, but I'll just leave things there for the moment. One of my sketches actually looked better.

I would love to let me know if there's something to improve.

onsdag 10. oktober 2012

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I found my colouring pencils and started to practice with them a bit with portraits of characters from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. From left to right: Mark Ruffalo as Stan, Kirsten Dunst as Mary and Jim Carrey as Joel.

Dr. House

I had a massively productive day yesterday, and since I've started watching House MD again, I ended up with four pages of sketches of Hugh Laurie. This is the one I feel is the most complete/finished, but I still need the viewers to confirm if the likeness is there or not. I've gotten kind of blind of his face because of all the sketching, you see. So I would appreciate if you could comment.

torsdag 4. oktober 2012

Bicycle Thieves

Just a rather well worked sketch of a screenshot from the Italian movie Bicycle Thieves (1948).
Not quite satisfied with the likeness - Bruno's (Enzo Staiola's) face should be wider rather than taller, and I ruined Antonio's (Lamberto Maggiorani's) eyes during the drawing process. May have another go another time.