lørdag 28. september 2013

Mallard (Wild Duck)

Got the idea when two mallards passed me by the ocean.

Done with Adobe Illustrator.

mandag 23. september 2013

Self portrait - trading cards (extended)

With the use of Adobe Illustrator's possibilities, I chose to extend this small project to portray myself for every team I've played for since I was 18 years old. From left to right: Jondalen IL (2007), Kongsberg Esco (2010), Apollo Budbiler (2011), Apollo Budbiler (2013 jersey) and Konsen IL (2013).

And this is the first time I realise that my hairdo have gotten shorter for each year since back then...

torsdag 19. september 2013

Self portrait - trading card

A self portrait, made as a football trading card. I have to stop you before giving me compliments about the style this is made in, because I've tried to copy it from the fantastic German artist Daniel Nyari.

(And yes, I know, it's not all symmetric - especially the white frame)

Made with Adobe Illustrator.

søndag 1. september 2013

Minimalistic Daft Punk

A minimalistic take on Daft Punk's album cover to Random Access Memories. The minimalistic movement focused on using as few elements as possible and still maintain the essence of what was being portraied. In this, I've used six elements (seven with the black background), but I could probably remove the white reflection elements and get down to only four.

Done in Adobe Illustrator.