søndag 27. mai 2012

Self portrait: Kristiansand edition

I've taken visual elements that I associate with myself after moving to Kristiansand to study - the courage to grow beard, wearing sunglasses and using a stereotype hunter-like jacket with a red/black square pattern.

torsdag 24. mai 2012

Band of Brothers sketches

After too many years of not watching Band of Brothers, in my opinion the best TV show there is, the resurrection has now started with some good classmates of mine.
As I watched an episode today, my urge to draw their faces became bigger than ever - even though I've drawn those faces quite a few times in the past.

From top left to bottom right: Damian Lewis (as Mjr. Richard Dick Winters), Damian Lewis again, Craig Heaney (as Pvt. Roy Cobb) and Michael Cudlitz (as Sgt. Denver Bull Randleman).