mandag 30. juli 2012

Home from work

Only last week did it start to rain three out of six times I was JUST about to go home from work. The norwegian summer is just a load of bollocks. Don't ever come here without packing an umbrella, a rain coat and a small, inflatable boat.

søndag 22. juli 2012

The attack on Norway

It's been a year already. Every Norwegian most probably will remember exactly where they were when they heard the news on that horrible day of 22 July 2011. I was at work, hearing from a customer that a bomb had gone off in Oslo - and you probably know the rest of the horrible truth.

May the 77 lost lives rest in peace.

fredag 13. juli 2012

'The Laidbacks'

Back in 2008, me and three of my friends occasionally played instruments together, originally calling ourselves Daddy Long Legs, but between the four of us "The Laidbacks" because of the comfy chairs and sofas we sat in while we rehearsed.
(Of course, our drummer didn't actually sit in a comfy chair, but we joked about the idea still)