mandag 29. november 2010

More annoying things

Woah... There you go! When I think it's been just a few days since last update, it has actually been twelve days. Bravo, Espen!

Anyway, here's an update on the school project where I chose annoyance as a theme. The idea of a book or calendar was apparently compromised as my teacher guided me to focus on the quality of each drawing instead of the quantity.
So here you go - two of the three drawings I finished - the one at the top being the 'waiting for the bus'-scenario and the bottom one where someone blows tobacco smoke in your face.

onsdag 17. november 2010

A little peek (annoying things)

Some sketches to give you an idea of what I'm doing for a project at school nowadays - I'm going to draw 52 annoying things (one for each week of a year, to make a calendar of it), like stepping into a puddle or spilling liquid all over yourself.

onsdag 3. november 2010

Cubistic exercise + Self portrait

Lack of new material to show. Again.

This is what I've been up to lately.

This must be some of the best things I've ever accomplished in drawing, to be honest. I was not motivated at all because I'm bored of real life portraits and charcoal, even though I haven't used charcoal for ages. But this eventually blew my mind.
For once, one of my attempts on a real life self portrait actually looks like me!