mandag 2. mai 2011

Roger Daltrey + news

In lack of time, I've only got an old portrait to post. This is of Roger Daltrey, singer from The Who. Too bad I drew him outside the format, I may want to have another go sometime in the future.

In other news: News.
1) Norway beats Sweden in hockey after penalties, and was leading 2-0 against USA until the USA took the lead 2-3 just now. Shame, but fun.

2) Sami Hyypia (ex-Liverpool player) is unfortunately quitting football. Quite a shame for such a good player, but he is after all 37 years old.

3) My exam in art history went "neeeh..." - could be better, could be worse.

4) Osama Bin Laden has apparently been shot and killed by american troops, but I have yet to believe anything because the american government have been controversial for fake explainations and whatnot before. Reports says that the troops have been dumping the body in the sea, without showing any proofs of Osama being dead, nor them killing him. For what we know, he could have been dead for the past five or seven years, or he could still be alive.

I'll promise more art in the future... hopely so.

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