fredag 11. februar 2011

Introducing: UNG-sidene

I've probably never told you about one of my jobs, which is to draw a weekly cartoon for my local newspaper. I didn't bother because I write in English in this blog and all the cartoons drawn for that newspaper is in Norwegian. Just a quick walkthrough here about my workplace:

UNG-sidene, or "Young pages", is a small part of the newspaper Laagendalsposten which is written by the younger generation for the younger generation and comes out each friday.
This year we're 12 people between 15-18 years old (except me as I'm definitely the oldest - 21), which means that the two bosses in this group are both three years younger than me. Funny!

Here's the fresh class of 2010/2011, the two bosses in the front with me in the top left corner.

Meeting these people once a week for brainstorming and coming up with ideas what to write about is a true pleasure. I have yet to participate in a meeting this year as football practice happens at the same time, though... but believe me, I miss being there with them.

Anyway, before this post gets rather sentimental, I'm trying to say that I will try to post my cartoons frequently to show you what I'm doing besides school and working at the post office. Cheerio!

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