torsdag 2. september 2010

Left hand

Woah, a whole week has passed already since last post! I'm so swamped nowadays, I don't notice when a week is gone!

As I have nothing new to post, I'm afraid there will be more text than pictures in this one - and I choose to write about a subject I find very interesting - lefthandedness.

I've read just about everything there is about this on the internet. I know, internet isn't always reliable, but one statistic said (huzzah, statistics ftw!) that because left handed people most commonly are creative persons, you're likely to see that 50% or more of students in a creative sort of class at school (drawing, etc.) is left handed.
About 10-12% of the world is left handed, and the ratio of left handers compared to overall students in my art classes through the years have been way above that percentage.

So I tried to find out if that was the case in my new class. Out of 32 students, only me and one other is left handed. The statistics fail big time as that means that 1 out of 16 is left handed in my class, which I find very odd.

Anyway, speaking of lefthandedness:

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så hva skyldes det, at det er større sjanse for å være mer kreativ når man er venstrehendt? Det er jo det virkelig interessante ;)

  2. Fordi kreativiteten sitter i høyre hjernehalvdel :) men gudene veit hvor mange myter rundt venstre- og høyrehendthet det finnes, som ikke helt kan bekreftes. Mye psykologi, dette her