søndag 11. september 2011

10 years ago

I remember it very clearly. In 6th grade, the spring of 2001, in an age of 12, our whole class participated in a drawing contest. The only thing this contest said was that we were to draw how a school would look like in 200 years. And so I did.
Many months went past. Indeed, so many months that I had forgotten about the whole thing. I thought a winner had been picked a long time ago by then and that we were not notified about it.

But then came september 11th. Our teacher said that we would get visitors. She didn't say who. But those visitors turned out to be the people behind this drawing contest, "Ditt Distrikt" (similar to a telephone catalogue for my county), and the winner's drawing would be on the front cover for the next year's edition.

In case you haven't been suspicous all along, I was the winner - and it was one of the best days of my life, as these visitors gave chocolate milk, cookies and t-shirts to me and everyone in my class, who was seemingly as happy and excited as I was. Our class even got a money prize we could spend on a trip later, and I got a picture taken for the local newspaper and my very first photo camera.

The turning point came after the shool, of course. Me and my best friend Viggo went to his house to play and watch an after school program called "Etter skoletid ("After school") on the NRK channel. Strangely to me and Viggo, the program was cut halfway through because of an important broadcast live from New York. The rest is history.

May every victim after 9/11 rest in peace.

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