mandag 13. desember 2010

Graphic Design

Assignment - Make five different designs using 10 different photographs and/or textures. Here's my five designs:

Dirk Kuyt - using a photograph from the internet and a picture taken of my Liverpool jersey (which is the C and the A of 'Carlsberg' to the far right). The design really reminds me of Coca-Cola, probably because the red colour to the C and A in 'Carlsberg' is very similar to the label on the Cola bottles.

Liam Gallagher, Oasis - Using an old drawing I made of Gallagher some years ago, added some texture (a red brick wall) and the word 'Victory' split up. The combination of the word and Liam Gallagher/Oasis shouldn't add up, it was a coincidence.

Markus (MarQs) - Using a photo of Markus, adding a little filter and some letters.

Self portrait - Using a small part of my self portrait in coal with the cover of The Stone Roses' self titled debut album and a texture I had from before of.

Martin Skrtel - Using an old drawing, adding up a texture of a wheel track in the snow and mixing it up with some effects and letters.

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